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Literacy Quest Add-on pack

Literacy Quest Add-on pack


Pentium II 266MHz, 32MB RAM, 800 x 600 screen resolution, 3D video card, sound card, CD ROM, mouse, Windows® 98, ME, 2000 or XP.

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Literacy Quest Add-on pack

Pack Includes :
> 1 x CD-ROM Software
> 1 x Activity & Work Book (40-pages)
> 40 x Double-sided TouchCards

CD-ROM Software – Literacy Quest

Literacy Quest is an action-packed, and highly interactive 3D adventure game, teaching and testing children aged 6-9 years essential literacy skills in a fun and entertaining way.
The Quest begins as you are assigned to infiltrate one of Earth’s interplanetary outpost overun by the ‘Slymoids’. Learn and utilise essential literacy techniques to unlock security panels, decode scrambled words and letters along the way.

Engage robots, androids and the dreaded ‘Slymoids’ as you attempt to complete your final objective of securing Earth’s outpost.

Topics Covered:
> Sentence construction
> Thinking skills
> Odd word out
> Cloze passages
> Anagrams
> Compound words
> Grammar
> Spelling
> Synonyms
> Antonyms
> Analogies
> Which word comes first?
> Letter substitution
> Correct meanings of words
> Mystery Words
> Sentence reconstruction

40 Double-Sided TouchCards
For use with the TouchPad™ console.
> Each set of TouchCards complements the lessons taught in the computer software, reinforcing a child’s learning experience away from the computer.

Activity & Work Book
40–pages of fun learning

> The 40-page Activity & Workbook - integrates both the computer lessons and TouchCard questions into worksheets and black-line masters for further practise and written revision.

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